A visiting school history program

About the program


This is a unique program that brings a small museum to your school and presents

lectures on colonial life, history, crafts, Native Americans in the Hudson Valley,

Revolutionary War history in the area or Hudson River history.

The Colonial Man programs are also

offered in Sam Ladley's home state of

Maine. If you are a Maine school and

are interested in this program, click

on the "Maine" button to the left.

 The program has existed for nearly

20 years and has been presented in

dozens of schools primarily in the New York counties of Orange, Dutchess, Putnam,

Rockland, Westchester, Ulster and Sullivan.  It offers students the opportunity to see

artifacts from America's past and hear stories  of early American life without leaving

their school.

Dozens of artifacts are brought to
your school to illustrate the lecture
of your choice and present an hour
long talk demonstrating the use of
tools, weapons, animals, clothing
and daily life in the colonies.


       The lecture is often followed by craft

workshops.  We can make hand-dipped

candles, write with quill pens, make corn

husk dolls.  Typically, schools ask for a

combination of quill pen writing and

candle-dipping.  At the end of the

  workshops, the students take home a candle and a quill pen.


            This program is suitable for any age, but is especially appropriate for the fourth

grade local history classes. The cost for this program is less than renting a single school

bus and involves every class.